Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for becoming a volunteer with Blind Mums Connect. We really appreciate you offering your time and energy to assist with our projects. As you will know, Blind Mums Connect is a steadily growing national organisation, which relies on its dedicated volunteer team for all its activities. We hope that you will enjoy your involvement as a volunteer with us, and that you will feel that you benefit from being part of the team, as well as having the satisfaction of knowing your contribution is very much valued.

These guidelines are intended to clarify what we ask of our volunteers, and what you can expect from the organisation in return.


Our volunteers provide support in a variety of ways, from working on funding bids to running teleconferencing support groups. The following guidelines apply to all Blind Mums Connect volunteers, but we do additionally ask support group facilitators and breastfeeding peer supporters to adhere to specific codes of conduct for those roles.


What we ask of you:


All volunteers are asked to familiarise themselves with, and abide by, our Confidentiality, Safeguarding and Equality And Diversity policies.


During the course of your work for Blind Mums Connect, and your attendance at committee meetings, you are likely to be privy to sensitive or confidential information, and we ask you not to discuss this outside of the committee.


All volunteers are expected to keep records of the work they do, and to relay information promptly to the volunteers or committee members they are working alongside on a specific project.


We understand that all of us as volunteers are fitting work for the organisation around our own family and other work commitments. If for any reason you find yourself unable to complete an assigned task within the agreed time frame, or feel that you need to reduce the time you are able to volunteer, please let us know as soon as possible, by contacting the committee member you are working alongside, in the first instance. This will help us to keep track of who is able to carry out which duties, and when a task needs re-deligating to another volunteer. If other commitments mean that you must reduce your volunteering time, or stop work with us for a while, we will hope to welcome you back as and when this suits you.


Volunteers who consistently are not managing to complete assigned tasks within the agreed time frame, and/or are failing to keep their colleagues informed as to the work they are doing, may be asked to cease volunteering, following discussion with the committee.


Similarly, volunteers found to be in breech of our Confidentiality and/or Equality And Diversity policies will be asked to leave us.


Finally, we want to ask you to be aware of the way you portray the organisation, particularly when using social media. Many of us now use Facebook and Twitter regularly, and we do appreciate the support of those of you who promote the organisation by reposting, retweeting and sharing information about our activities on other forums. This “word of mouth” publicity is obviously invaluable, but do please take care not to give the impression that your own views necessarily represent those of Blind Mums Connect, for instance, when having an online rant!


What’s in it for you?!

Our hope is that volunteering with us will enable you to gain experience and develop your skills, whilst gaining recognition for your existing expertise. It won’t do your CV any harm, and we will offer training opportunities as and when these become available and our budget allows. Your involvement with the team also means expanding your social circle, making new friends and, for the most part, it’s fun too!

Keeping In Touch:


Our volunteers coordinator is our vicechair, Becks. You can contact her by emailing


When you are assigned to a particular project, you will be given the email contacts/phone numbers of the committee members and other volunteers you are working alongside, so that you can make arrangements to “chat” about your work.

If you wish to come along to a committee meeting to discuss your work or voice your views on a project, please speak to the committee member you work with, so that this can be arranged.

Thanks again for joining the team!