Equality & Diversity

As an organisation we aim to treat our members and volunteers fairly and with respect at all times.

We are proud that our membership represents a diversity of age, race, religion, culture, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, and outlook. Blind Mums Connect volunteers will not discriminate, but will offer their support to any of our members, regardless of any of these types of differences.

Similarly, the Blind Mums Connect committee will actively seek to recruit volunteers and committee members who represent the full range of our members, and will not discriminate against any woman on grounds of difference.

Blind Mums Connect will collate information about members’ cultural background, age, disability etc, in order to monitor diversity within the organization and so as to proactively recruit members and volunteers from under-represented groups.

Members of Blind Mums Connect will be expected to treat other members with respect and sensitivity, be it on the online forums, teleconferencing groups or at face to face meet ups. Any member using oppressive language or treating others in a discriminatory fashion will be challenged by the group facilitator or forum moderator, in the first instance, and may ultimately be banned from further participation in groups and events at the discretion of the Blind Mums Connect team.

Our aim is to ensure that groups and forums are a “safe space” for members to disclose personal experiences and receive peer support. Members who are not prepared to offer support and `respect to others will not be welcome to take part. These guidelines will be made clear to all members who use the online forums or attend teleconferencing groups or local meet ups and no member will be banned from attendance without full, private discussion with that person and the agreement of the Blind Mums Committee.

Similarly, Volunteers or Committee Members who are not treating colleagues or group members with respect will be challenged and may be asked to leave their posts. This action will not be taken without full, private discussion with the person involved and with the agreement of the Blind Mums Connect committee,