Blind Mums Connect Confidentiality Policy

Blind Mums Connect volunteers must all adhere to our Code of Conduct, and take the confidentiality of our members seriously. We are aware that this is a small world, and that during the course of teleconferencing groups and local meet ups, mums share personal information about themselves that they would not want to be discussed outside that group or phone meeting.

Volunteers will maintain the confidentiality of all group participants/clients. This means not disclosing any confidential or personal information they share, without their express permission, except in situations where there is a legal obligation to do so, or where there are safe guarding concerns.

General information may be shared with other Blind Mums Connect volunteers, but in an anonymised format, for the sole purpose of support, supervision or training.

Sometimes a facilitator will ask a member’s permission to discuss their personal circumstances with another volunteer or with a relevant professional, for the purposes of obtaining specific support. If a facilitator believes that seeking professional support is important for safe guarding purposes, she will endeavour to discuss this with the member concerned.

Group facilitators may discuss a participant’s concerns with the facilitator of another group she attends, if she believes this is relevant and helpful for her receiving the best support from all facilitators.

Breastfeeding Peer Supporters receive regular supervision, and may discuss the individual experiences of their clients, for the purpose of providing the best support and information possible for that person. Sharing of identifying details is kept to a minimum and, like Support Group Facilitators, Peer Supporters are mindful that members may share details with them individually or in specific groups that they would not wish to be discussed elsewhere.

Volunteers are careful not to refer to issues discussed by participants in one group, whilst attending a separate group or chatting on the forums.

Any publicity or report on the work of Blind Mums Connect will not disclose information that might identify an individual member without their express permission.

Ezine articles will be reproduced on the web site for public use, only with the express permission of the original writer, who will be clearly acknowledged.

Any photographs taken at Blind Mums Connect events or meet ups may be used on the web site and publicity materials only with specific written permission.

All personal details requested on membership forms and associate membership forms will be stored in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act.