Internal Complaints

Purpose and Scope

Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints that volunteers raise with Blind Mums Connect. Blind Mums Connect aims to encourage good relations between all volunteers. This procedure sets out the process to be followed in the event that a volunteer wishes to raise an informal or formal grievance. This policy applies to all volunteers, group facilitators and breastfeeding peer supporters. Our aim is to ensure consistent and fair treatment for all.


If you have a grievance or complaint you should discuss the matter with the volunteer co-ordinator immediately. The volunteer co-ordinator will look into the issue and attempt to deal with the matter informally after making appropriate consultations. The aim will be to try to reach a satisfactory conclusion with you.

If the problem is connected with the volunteer co-ordinator then you should approach the chair in the first instance.



If the volunteer co-ordinator cannot resolve the problem within a reasonable time and to your satisfaction, the next step is to notify the secretary of the management committee, by email, of your grievance and to inform the volunteer co-ordinator of your action. If this is in relation to the volunteer co-ordinator you do not need to inform them directly.


Within five working days of receiving the written complaint (taking into account location and commitments where practical) the secretary will arrange a meeting with you, to discuss your grievance in more detail. Phone or Skype may be used, for access reasons. You have the right to be accompanied by a friend or another volunteer.

It is the duty of the secretary, as complaints officer, supported by the complaints team, to investigate the complaint, to hear your submission, together with other evidence as is considered appropriate and to take any necessary actions to resolve the issues raised. The decision will be recorded in writing and a copy sent to you. The aim of the hearing is to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.

This investigation may lead to actions contained within the Disciplinary Procedure for some or all parties. This will be confirmed in writing.

Grievances raised during a Disciplinary Process

Where a volunteer raises a grievance during a disciplinary process, the disciplinary process may be temporarily suspended in order to respond to the grievance.

Where the grievance and disciplinary cases are related it may be appropriate to deal with both issues concurrently.