External Complaints

Purpose and Scope

Blind Mums Connect aims to provide consistently good support to its members, and requires high standards of conduct from volunteers. This procedure sets out the process to be followed in the event that a member or any person outside the organisation wishes to raise a formal complaint about a volunteer. This procedure applies to all volunteers, group facilitators and breastfeeding peer supporters, and our aim is to ensure consistent and fair treatment for all.

It is always acknowledged that there are two sides to every story and no action will be taken before a thorough investigation has been implemented.

Any individual or organisation wishing to give feedback or make a complaint about a Blind Mums Connect volunteer should email


The feedback will be considered in the first instance, by the chair and vice-chair. All matters will be kept as confidential as possible, discussed and documented purely by the complaints team.

Should a complaint arise of a serious nature such as assault or theft, it will be discussed by the management committee as a whole. Immediately following the complaint the volunteer will be informed that they must cease volunteer work, pending investigation.

Following the initial contact an investigation will be launched to gather evidence to support or disprove the feedback /complaint. The investigation will be completed where possible within one month.

The investigation is designed to establish the facts quickly and to deal consistently with disciplinary issues. No disciplinary action will be taken until the matter has been fully investigated.

At every stage volunteers will have the opportunity to state their case and be represented or accompanied, if they wish, at any meeting by a member of the management committee or another volunteer. Meeting by teleconferencing may be deemed most suitable due to access.

Following the investigation the individual will either be subject to actions as detailed in our disciplinary procedure or cleared of any inappropriate action or behaviour. All parties will then receive in writing the outcome of the investigation and action to be taken.

(If it is deemed necessary to contact a third party to provide more evidence this deadline may be extended and all parties will be informed as necessary)

The volunteer will be encouraged to call on the support of the volunteer co-ordinator during this process. The volunteer must respect confidentiality when discussing details with any party other than the volunteer co-ordinator and the complaints team.

In the event the complaint concerns the chair or vice-chair, the secretary will be appointed to replace them within the complaints team for the duration of the process.