Code of Conduct


Blind Mums Connect Support Group Facilitator Code of Conduct


A Support Group Facilitator with Blind Mums Connect:


  • Offers information and support, and may share personal experiences where appropriate, but will not give advice to group participants.
  • Will strive to be sensitive, empathic and non-judgemental.
  • Will facilitate groups proactively, so as to include all participants.
  • Will challenge group participants who do not behave in a manner which is supportive and respectful, and will refer incidents of discrimination to the committee where appropriate.
  • Recognises that the safety and well-being of mothers and babies/children must be of primary importance
  • Will report any Safeguarding concerns she may have to the committee member with responsibility for safeguarding, at the earliest opportunity following the group concerned.
  • Will adhere to the Blind Mums Connect confidentiality policy.
  • Will adhere to the Blind Mums Connect Equality And Diversity Policy.
  • Recognises that visually impaired mothers face specific challenges, as well as disability within our society, and at all times works to support them in ways which acknowledge their experience, whilst offering encouragement and practical support to overcome difficulties.
  • Will refer group participants to other resources/professionals where appropriate.
  • Will keep accurate records of their activities and monitor group attendance
  • Will endeavour to contact another group facilitator at the earliest opportunity, if they are unable to run a group.
  • Will take responsibility for seeking support and debriefing after difficult groups/interactions where appropriate.
  • Will make a commitment to maintain/enhance their skills and knowledge by attending relevant training courses and workshops as they become.