Here at Blind Mums Connect we welcome applications for membership from all interested parties and we have two levels of membership: full membership and associate membership.

Full membership is open to VI mums and mums-to-be only. The majority of members are in the UK, but mums living elsewhere can join us too, though they won’t be able to access all our services. Full membership entitles you to participate in our Facebook group and email list, as well as monthly Skype groups and local gatherings. You will receive our quarterly E-zine and regular updates on our activities, and you will also be eligible to contribute to the direction of the organisation, including voting rights at AGM’s. You may also like to join us as a volunteer.

Associate membership is intended for dads, partners, relatives, friends, professionals and organisations. Associate membership gives you access to updates on our activities and projects, a copy of our quarterly E-zine, and you will be invited to come along to some of our family gatherings and meetings such as our AGM’s, (only full members have voting rights in the organisation). You are also most welcome to apply to join us in some voluntary roles, and the support of our associate member volunteers is very much appreciated.

Membership of Blind Mums Connect is free for both full and associate members.

Please fill out the relevant membership form online, either via the links given above or in the menu header If you have any technical difficulties doing it this way, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing our admin address: