Skype Guidelines

Once you’ve become a member, You can sign up to join Skype groups via our online calendar. A copy of the calendar will also be emailed to you on the 1st day of each month.

Blind Mums Connect exists to enable V I mums from across the UK to share information and support, and our Skype chats are an important part of that.

All groups are run by V I mums with experience of facilitating groups. Where specific topics are discussed, we ensure that facilitators have expertise in those areas.

Please be aware that all facilitators are volunteers, and are therefore providing their support around their own family and work commitments.

Your facilitator will call you at the start of the group, so please be ready by your phone or computer and logged into Skype.

Groups consist of roughly 6 participants – we like to keep groups small and cosy so that everybody has a chance to participate.

We don’t want to bombard you with a long list of group “ground rules”. However, we do feel it’s important that all participants feel secure and comfortable to chat and share in groups.

Equality And Diversity: Blind Mums Connect includes members from all over the UK, from a variety of cultural backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences. This is one of the great things about attending our groups – we all get to ~”meet” mums we might not otherwise run into in our ordinary daily lives. We do ask you to please be sensitive to the differences between us, and respectful to the different points of view you encounter. We won’t always agree on everything, but remember that the groups exist to provide support, so please try to keep disagreements constructive and not unkind. Attendees who are hostile to others, or use language which is discriminatory will no longer be welcome to join groups.

Confidentiality: Facilitators are careful not to chat about the content of groups elsewhere. We do liaise with other facilitators, so as to provide the best support we can for members. Sometimes we will also ask a participant’s permission to discuss their situation with another volunteer, in order to access specific information for them. General information may be shared with other volunteers, anonymously, for the purpose of supervision, training and project planning.

Safeguarding: If a facilitator believes that seeking professional support is important for safeguarding purposes, she will endeavour to discuss this with the member concerned.

We are very aware that the “V I world” is small, and very much discourage gossiping outside of groups or the email forums. Please bear in mind that you may know group participants or their partners from other contact you have with them, and that they may not be happy for issues discussed during groups to become the topic of conversation when you are both with other people in another situation.

Any attendee found to be sharing personal information about members will be banned from taking part in further groups.

At the end of the day though, we want to just highlight the fact that we, as facilitators, can’t guarantee that other group members will maintain your confidentiality, so do be aware of that when you make decisions about what and what not to share.

Our Policies: Our full Confidentiality, and Equality And Diversity policies, as well as the Group Facilitator Code of Conduct are available on this site.

We hope that you will enjoy taking part in our groups. If you have any problems, please do get in touch.

Donations: Membership of Blind Mums Connect is free, and we don’t charge for groups. However, we are very grateful for all donations made by participants, which help towards publicity, web design and new phone conferencing facilities, which will be easier for many than Skype.