Skype Groups

Blind Mums Connect Skype groups enable us to chat together from the comfort of our own sofas! Skype is free to download to your computer or tablet, and use for group calls, and we can give you a hand to get up and running if you’re new to all this.

How It Works: once you’ve become a member, you can sign up for monthly Skype groups on our online calendar. Then all you need to do is to be ready by your phone or computer at the time the group begins, to answer your call from the group facilitator. All facilitators are volunteers, members with experience of running groups and of the specific issues discussed. For instance, we always ensure facilitators of our Out & About group are confident getting out with their little ones, and have experience and information to share regarding using slings, carriers and buggies. Of course, being part of a group of VI mums dealing with similar issues means you have all the experiences and support of other members to draw on as well. We like to keep groups small and cosy, so that all members can participate. Our Skype groups are very popular, providing time to chat about issues with others who understand and have been their too, to problem solve, share information and ideas, have a laugh and make friends.

Participation is free, though of course donations are always very welcome.

Below are details of our current regular groups. When you’ve decided which to go for, you can sign up via the online calendar, have a look at our Skype Group Guidelines, and feel free to get in touch with any other questions.

Bumps & Babes

This group is for pregnant mums and those with babies up to about age 1, or whenever they start toddling. Unlike your local Children’s Centre or NCT group, we promise you won’t be bombarded with endless questions about how you cope or whether your eye condition’s hereditary! What you will get is heaps of tips for doing those things you do find tricky, and the chance to swap stories with others in the same boat as you!

Toddler Talk

This group is for mums with little ones from around age 1 to 3 – all tackling challenges like potty training, when you can’t see the puddles, and keeping track of them at the park … when you can’t see the puddles! , and persuading them to eat something other than bread sticks dipped in raspberry yoghurt!


Moving on from Toddlerhood, this group is for mums of little ones aged between 3 and 5, with the eldest ones just starting big school!

Out & About

This is the place to chat about all things relating to getting out and about with your baby, toddler or older child or children. Swap sling recommendations, find out which buggies are suitable for pulling, talk through the pros and cons of having a guidedog, find out how others manage their school run, compare notes on using canes, sat nav’s and the various options for keeping track of your little people at the park or playgroup. Our Out & About group is now so popular that we run 2 each month, to cater for all those who want to come along.

Fitness & Exercise

This is the group for all those who are working on improving their general fitness. Share your fitness goals, swap tips on exercise regimes, find out how others fare accessing the local gym, which other activities they enjoy, from Goalball to marathon running, and compare notes on your achievements. This group requires a commitment to regular attendance, please. It has become very popular, so we plan to set up a second monthly group in the new year.

One-off Groups

From time to time we run one-off discussion groups on specific topics, including using slings and carriers, starting solids, dealing with schools and helping with homework. We always try to run groups based on popular demand, so please let us know what topics you’d like to chat about.