Facebook Group

Our Facebook group was set up to give you an alternative way of connecting online, but you are welcome to join the email list as well. The group is “closed”, meaning that only other group members can see your posts, but the members list is visible to any Facebook user. Like the email list, the group includes members from all over the UK and beyond, with children of all ages, and with all levels of visual impairment. The group is for full members only, meaning VI women only, no partners or professionals, so it’s a great place to off-load privately and ask particular questions where others have been there too. Just pop online to post when you get the time!

To join the group, search for Blind Mums Connect on Facebook, or go directly to


and click “Join Group”. Our admins will add you, having checked you are a full member.

At the moment the group page is pretty accessible to those used to Facebook. If you’re struggling to use the main site on computer, you may find the mobile site easier at


There are also Facebook aps for your phone, so it may be a case of trial and error to find what works best for you.

It is also possible to opt to receive email notifications of new posts to the group page, and replies on a thread you’ve commented on, so you can read and reply from your in–box and avoid Facebook! However, doing it this way does mean you will only receive the first post in a new thread – you will only see replies on a thread once you’ve “liked” or “commented”.

Please see our Facebook Group Guidelines, and come to Facebook to join us!

VI Mums Only: Like our email list, our Facebook group is for VI women only, giving you a place to chat without partners, relatives or professionals reading your posts. Anyone seeking support or information for a friend, family member or client is welcome to “like” our public Facebook page at


or contact us directly so that we can pass on information or questions to our private groups.

Facebook Bargains Group: We also run a Facebook group for buying and selling, which is open to associate members too.