Email List Guidelines

Our aim here at Blind Mums Connect is that our email list should be a friendly, informative and supportive group. The following guidelines are intended to help the list run as smoothly as possible.

Our email list is a private group for full members of the organisation, mums with all levels of visual impairment and with children of all ages, including mums-to-be.

1 Confidentiality: Anything discussed on list must stay that way. Many of us know each other from other situations, and being part of a small community, it’s vital we take a strong stand against gossip. Topics of a sensitive and personal nature are often discussed and these must remain confidential. Anyone found to be discussing/posting personal information others have shared elsewhere, or forwarding list emails, will be removed from the list, at the discretion of the committee.

2 Anti-discrimination: BMC includes members from all over the UK, from a variety of cultural backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences. This is one of the great things about taking part in our forums – we all get to ~chat to mums we might not otherwise run into in our ordinary daily lives. We do ask you to please be sensitive to the differences between us, and respectful to the different points of view and parenting styles you encounter. We won’t always agree on everything, but remember that the groups exist to provide support, so please try to keep disagreements constructive and not unkind. Attendees who are hostile to others, or use language which is discriminatory will be removed from the list, at the discretion of the committee.

3 Members List: At regular intervals throughout the year a list of members will be sent to the list. This is in recognition of a close-knit blind community and we feel it is important everyone can find out who else is reading their posts. The list gives first and surnames, no other personal details.

4 Use Names: to help avoid confusion, please remember to stick a name or 2 at the top of your mails, if replying to a particular person/people, and sign your name at the bottom. This is particularly important to those reading mails on phones, which don’t usually show the “from” field of each mail.

5 Subject Lines: Please try to keep subject lines descriptive and uptodate when the topic of chat changes. Many members only have time to browse the list, and are at risk of missing messages which are relevant to them if they have old/misleading subject lines. It is also useful to make subject lines specific, particularly if asking a question.

6 Staying Current: We appreciate it’s often hard to keep up when list traffic is high but please be mindful of dates. Replying to messages from months ago only causes confusion! The occasional late reply, for instance, welcoming new members or extending congratulations, is fine of course.

7 Off Topic Posts: chat or questions about non-vi-mum issues is fine in moderation. It will be helpful if you can mark subject lines clearly, beginning with O/T, for those glancing through their mails. Forwards are also fine now and then if relevant to the list. If you’re unsure, please check with a mod

8 Keeping Traffic Manageable: This is a lovely busy list, and we want to keep it that way, but we can all do our bit to keep the volume of mails manageable by replying to more than one mail at once when appropriate, and checking the most recent mails before starting to reply on a long or busy thread.

9 Introductions: We do encourage new or returning members to introduce themselves as soon as they have time, so that they can be welcomed by the group and start to feel part of it. We aren’t asking for a life history and we know how busy you are, but we have always tried to run this list like a real group, not just another online forum, so do post when you can, even if it’s briefly, the more participation, the better the group will be!

10 We hope you will enjoy being part of our email list. If you have any difficulties or want to change your mail settings, please contact our list mods, Kim and Rachel, who will be happy to help you.