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Our Support Group Online

The email list exists to enable visually impaired mums and mums-to-be from all over the UK to chat, share information and support one another online. Our members range from women who are pregnant for the first time, through mums with newborns, to mums of teens and grannies too, and with all levels of visual impairment.

How It Works: Once you join the list, you can send emails to the group address, so that each mail you send can be read by all list members. When you reply to a list email, your reply is also sent to all members. So basically this is a way of having a slowed down conversation by email, or rather, lots of conversations at the same time – a really good way to chat, for people as busy and as scattered geographically as we are! You can read and email the list at any time of day or night, whenever you get that precious 2 minutes to yourself! Some of us check mails between nappy changes and school runs, others pop in every few days to catch up or to ask particular questions.

There’s no need to struggle with inaccessible online forums, mails will come directly into your in-box, and there is also the option to receive your mails in “digest” form, so that you don’t get so many pouring in each day!

It is great to share experiences with others who understand or have been there too.

So if you can manage to get 2 minutes to yourself, why not stick the kettle on, pull up a chair and join us!

Please see our Email list Guidelines and Get in touch to sign up.

VI-Mums Only: Our email list is open to full members, that’s to say, VI women only, not associate members or professionals looking for info.

Anyone who’s not eligible to join the email support group but is interested in what we do or in search of information or support for a family member or client is welcome to “like” our Face Book page at

and we are happy to repost particular questions or requests for help on the main thread there.

Please feel free to contact us.

Facebook Group: We do also have a members only Facebook group. Please see our Facebook Group Guidelines.