Our Services

Local Gatherings: Here at Blind Mums Connect, we organise get togethers at various locations throughout the UK.

The power of social media means we can also meet and chat without having to leave our homes, which let’s face is very handy, because it means no need to worry about transport or babysitters!

With this in mind, we currently run 2 online groups for members, as well as a variety of monthly groups on Skype.

Skype Groups: we currently run 6 regular Skype groups each month, as well as one-offs on particular topics. The menu is constantly expanding and please see our calendar.

Email List: our email list is linked to our web site, so you don’t need to struggle with inaccessible forums! Simply contact us to sign up to the list, and then start receiving all emails members send directly into your in-box.

Facebook Group: our closed members group on Facebook offers an alternative way to connect for those with limited time to check email. It is currently nice and accessible, and the group is becoming very popular.