Meet the Team

Gemma Burnett-HitchcockGemma Burnett-Hitchcock: Gemma is our Committee Chair. She lives in East Sussex with her 2 children, Fin, 14, and Florriemay, 8. Gemma is a doula and antenatal teacher, specialising in VI parents. She runs our “Bumps & Babes” and “Out & About” phone groups, and she’s also our Ezine editor. At any given time you will find Gemma discussing birth, babies, breastfeeding or slings somewhere! On her annual day off, Gemma likes to buy a bag of clothes in Oxford Street, then eat expensive Macaroni Cheese and drink Lemonade Spritzers!


Rebecca BrightmoreRebecca Brightmore: Rebecca is our Vice-chair. She lives in Yorkshire with husband, Stephen, and daughter, Casey-Louise, 3. When not at the playground, softplay, Little Farmers, Tap, Ballet, singing, or another of Casey-Lou’s social engagements, you will find Becks rowing or running! She and guide runner Dave have just completed a summer of running challenges, including a half-marathon in Hull, raising funds for Blind Mums Connect. Becks runs our monthly “Fitness & Exercise” phone group.


Tony Brown-GriffinTony Brown-Griffin: Tony is our Treasurer. She lives in Kent with husband, Dan, 2 daughters, Grace, 14, and Mimi, 8, as well as her duel guide-seizure alert dog, Hetty, retired guide, Arthur, Grace’s support dog, Merlin, 2 chickens and 14 ferrets! Tony is also Chair of Support Dogs UK, and runs the local ferret rescue centre. In her sparse spare time, Tony enjoys baking, reading and long walks in the woods.


Kerrie CampbellKerrie Campbell: Kerrie is our ever-efficient Secretary! She lives in East Kilbride with husband, Alex, son Thomas, 3, and daughter Megan, 8 weeks. Kerrie is an educational psychologist, currently on maternity leave, and writer of our ezine’s most popular column, “Blunders of A Blind Mum”. She’s forgotten what free time is!



Rachel LaneRachel Lane: Rachel is our super-organised Membership Officer! She lives in the West Midlands with husband, Barrie, and son Isaac, 3. Rachel juggles being a mum with working full-time for a large multi-national company. When not in her office, Rachel likes to relax with friends and family, but you are most likely to find her at the gymn, the softplay, or chasing Isaac around a park! Rachel is our in-house babywearing expert and one of our Blind Mums Connect Breastfeeding Peer Supporters, and she runs our popular “Toddler Talk” and (Pre-schoolers) phone groups.


Kate Crofts

Kate Crofts: Kate lives in rural Essex with husband, Phil, their 2 children, Phoebe, 12, and Oscar, 10, their 3 cats and reprobate guidedog, Phantom! As well as working full-time for Essex County Council, Kate also manages to fit in free-lance advertising modelling, sits on her school PTA, and volunteers with her local NCT branch. Kate is also one of our Blind Mums Connect Breastfeeding Peer Supporters. She enjoys public speaking, cooking, camping and sky diving!



Beth Dawes

Beth Dawes: Beth lives near Newcastle, with husband Graham, son Edward, 1, and guidedog Annie. Beth has recently given up work for a disability charity to be at home with Edward full-time, and their average action-packed week includes swimming, softplay, Tumble Tots at least 4 playgroups and as many Lattes as she can manage! In the brief time she has to herself, Beth also enjoys baking, Rock Choir and tap dancing.




Kim PreeceKim Preece: Kim is our indispensable Administrator and moderator of the email list! She lives in Worcester with fiancé, Sean, daughter Lily, 3, and Sean’s guidedog, Lily’s best friend, Yoshi! When not dealing with mountains of BMC emails, you will find Kim cooking and entertaining a houseful of people! She has just watched “Frozen” for the 28th time!