Aims & Objectives

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Blind Mums Connect will provide information and peer support to visually impaired mums living throughout the UK.


To create and maintain a web site aimed at visually impaired parents, providing practical information on a range of parenting topics, as well as signposting to other useful resources and professional support.

To maintain private online forums for visually impaired mums, enabling them to share information, peer support and friendship online.

To facilitate a variety of teleconferencing support groups for visually impaired mums, enabling them to share experiences and information with others in a similar situation, regardless of their geographical location.

To organise local meet ups across the UK, enabling visually impaired mums, and their partners and children to socialise together, share experiences, information and support.

To provide tailored training opportunities for visually impaired mums, via teleconferencing and regional events, on a variety of parenting issues.